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Resume of Jerrold Foutz, President, SMPS Technology.



SMPS Technology - Apr 1981 to Present

President and co-owner of SMPS Technology. SMPS Technology currently can best be described as being in the business of providing content to power supply circuit designers via the World-Wide Web through a family of websites.

From 1994 to the present representative clients have included:

From 1983 through 1994, SMPS Technology was operated within conflict-of-interest guidelines of Rockwell International Corporation with emphasis on maintaining a Power Electronics Knowledge Base used by power electronics consultants and by universities offering graduate degrees in power electronics. Customers included:

During this time we also supported trial lawyers in using knowledge engineering techniques to organize materials.

From 1981 to 1983 SMPS Technology (then known as Foutz Engineering) provided engineering and information services in power electronics, primarily on U. S. Navy programs. Clients included:

The reputation of the company grew so that only one fifth of the work offered could be accepted. During this time the Chief of Naval Material awarded Mr. Foutz the prestigious Naval Material Command's Reliability, Maintainability, and Quality Assurance award for contributions to fleet readiness. All business-plan goals were met during this period.

Rockwell International Corporation - Mar 1983 to Jan 1994 (Retired)

As Senior Engineering Specialist, served as corporate resource person in power electronics and hypertext.

Developed conceptual designs for power supplies for new business, wrote the power supply section of proposals. When contracts were won, served as lead engineer through preliminary design review, training the lead engineer who finished the design. Selected from 2,000 engineers as Engineer of the Year (1988) for contributions in power electronics. Member of the Corporate Power Conditioning Panel and Corporate contact for Power Electronics grant to the California Institute of Technology. Taught in-house power supply design class. Gave industry-wide seminar on power supply design.

Introduced hypertext-based concurrent engineering concepts to the corporation. Taught hypertext seminars to over 250 employees. Set up hypertext systems used on network servers accessed by 2,500 employees to capture and spread corporate knowledge. Selected from 1,000 engineers as innovator of the month (1993) for contributions in hypertext. Served as team leader on teams concerned with quality circles, total quality management, production problems, computer aided engineering, design engineering, and concurrent engineering. Used hypertext and other knowledge engineering techniques to increase quality and production. Wrote two conference papers on hypertext and one on expert systems. Gave one industry-wide seminar on hypertext.

EG&G Corporation - Sep 1980 to Apr 1981

Served as vice president of engineering for Almond Instrument Company, a custom power supply company with $5 Million a year sales, during its acquisition by EG&G, a Fortune 500 company. Introduced written procedures, formal design reviews, and improved testing methods to eliminate redesign due to engineering errors. Improved competitive posture by strengthening the engineering staff and initiating needed R&D. Introduced use of computers into the company and planned for Computer-Aided Design and Automatic Test Equipment. Introduced improved methods of estimating work and preparing proposals. These efforts both increased the sales price to EG&G, by correcting perceived weakness in the company, and laid the foundation for later successful growth of the company.

Naval Ocean Systems Center - Feb 1972 to Sep 1980

Established power electronics capability at the center and headed the Power Electronics Branch -- recruiting and training all branch members in the discipline. Center became recognized as a Government center-of-excellence in power electronics under this leadership. Served as chairman of a panel that coordinated all government sponsored research and development in power conditioning.

Developed and used knowledge engineering techniques to track the state-of-the-art in all power disciplines and used results to write the Navy's 5-year research and development plans.

Sponsored development at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) of the state-space-averaging methods now used throughout the power supply industry and of topology research leading to the Cuk converter and other previously unknown converters.

Led a team of Navy experts in power electronics investigating fleet problems and recommending solutions. Co-authored a report to the Chief of Naval Material summarizing the results of this team and all other teams on the project. These tasks had a major impact for the next decade on Navy research, development, and procurement policies concerning design for electromagnetic environments.

Performed studies and defended the results for reducing the use of shipboard 400 Hz power. Results are now Navy policy.

Led investigation into techniques on how to design low-noise power supplies for communications equipment very susceptible to noise.

Developed new conceptual design for solid state VLF transmitters in the 300 kW to 3 Megawatt range with full digital wave shaping and control and with the ability to change amplitude and frequency in a single cycle. Failed modules could be detected and replaced while actively transmitting. Feasibility was later demonstrated with a 35 kW breadboard.

Served on the Electromagnetic Compatibility Advisory Board (EMCAB) during development of the Tomahawk Cruise Missile, discovering a serious analysis flaw that led to contractor revamping and upgrading their EMC capability.

In the role as trusted advisor to Navy Program Managers, served as a consultant in power electronics to Navy programs, receiving an award for "Sustained Superior Performance" and many letters of commendation for contributions to these programs.

Rockwell International Corporation - Jun 1959 to Feb 1972

Joined Rockwell International (then the Autonetics Division of North American Aviation) as a Junior Research Engineer during Senior year at UCLA and rose to the position of manager of the analog circuit development unit responsible for all analog and power supply circuits in the division's computer products.

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