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August 15, 2001


Question: How do I do State-Space-Averaging?

Original Question: How do I do averaging and small signal models for a boost converter from a dc circuit?

Answer: This is beyond the scope of what I can answer in an email. You can find the information in texts recommended in my personal power supply design library such as that by Erickson and Maksimovic. A website you might want to visit is State-Space Averaging by Brad Suppanz. His example is a boost converter. Although state-space-averaging is a powerful tool, it just results in equations that you can apply to a design or averaged models you can use in Spice simulation. Since these have been developed for most common topologies, state-space-averaging is now often just an academic exercise or for special cases. Most power supply designers have never needed to use it. Having said that, it is a powerful tool to have in your tool kit

Posted by Jerrold Foutz at August 15, 2001 11:33 AM