Information Annealing

Individuals and organization that have contributed to improving the power supply design content of this website.

Just as annealing in metallurgy organizes atoms into the best product for the purpose, the information on a website can be annealed to improve finding, understanding, and using the information. This is done by constant revision by the author using feedback from readers. The concept and approach used for information annealing here is that developed by Neil Larson, President of MaxThink. Over the years, the SMPS Technology Knowledge Base has been privileged to have information annealers that range from students, to working engineers, to leaders that read like a who's who in the power electronics industry. The following individuals have made a contribution to annealing the information on this website. The strengths owe much to them, the faults are all mine.

In alphabetical order, with a link to their website if they have one. Let me know if I left anyone out.

Ben-Yaakov, Professor Sam, Power Electronics Group, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel.
Daniels, Jim, Regional Sales Manager, Datatronic Distribution, Inc.
Deane, Dr. Jonathan, Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, University of Surrey, United Kingdom
Erickson, Dr. Robert W., Professor, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Colorado .
Freeland, Dr. Stephen D., Technical Fellow, The Boeing Company
Larson, Neil, President, MaxThink, Inc.
Ridley, Dr. Ray, President, Ridley Engineering, a former sponsor of this website.
Severns, Rudy, President, Springtime Enterprises. Antenna Website
Tse, Dr. C. K. Michael, Professor of Electronic Engineering & Head of Department, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Original: September 14, 2000
Revised: October 10, 2005

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